About My Blog

So you’ve made it this far.  Welcome to my blog.  My name is SirenCay or at least that is what you will know me as.  Writing is a love of mine and so I’ve created this blog to share thoughts, feelings, opinions and musings with you.

I feel there is  a lot of things that get glossed over even if it’s been said before.  Subjects such as “Invisible illnesses”, depression, anxiety and others get seen as the person is just lazy, seeking attention or just doesn’t care anymore.  It is often not seen as a problem until it’s too late.  Along with these, I have decided to dedicate my blog to writing posts, stories and thoughts on my past, present and future experiences along with blogs of hope, courage and maybe even a little humor from time to time.

Welcome to the depths of my mind.  Get ready to finally see the”Invisible Child”.


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