Sailor Moon: Moon Child Controversy

Sailor Moon has been a long time running anime series not only here in the United states, but in Japan where it originated in 1992 based on the manga series of the same name.  Of course, it didn’t air in the United States until 1995, when it was dubbed and adapted for a younger generation.  However, many tweaks and noticeable changes, at least to veteran viewers, were made to the dub to account for what was thought to be inappropriate for children during that time. These included changing characters who were meant to be men to be women because of their physical characteristics, and using language such as “cousins” to hide an lgbt relationship.  Though based off of the manga, neither version followed it quite like Sailor Moon Crystal, a remake of the beloved series released in July of 2014.  Sailor Moon Crystal not only had a unique animation style, it didn’t divert from the manga and its visuals and concept have been up for debate amongst fans since it’s release.  

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Group of cosplayers portraying the characters of the popular anime show.

As an anime first released in the early 1990’s, most watchers were in their mid to late twenties by the time Sailor Moon Crystal came into existence and it was harshly judged against its predecessors.  Even though manga artist Naoko Takeuchi had a say in each series adaptation, she was not the writer or producer. The argument today is still which version is better.

If you’re like me, you first heard of Sailor Moon in 1995, when it came to America and became used and still hold the english dub in your heart, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best.  Like I stated above, it changed to suit a younger audience.  It also never aired the arc of the show known as Sailor Stars.  When exposed to more anime, I found the American dub was never the original and watched all two hundred episodes of the Japanese animation.  For anyone like me, this was a game changer and a break into the dub versus sub anime debate, but we’ll save that for another time.  I was introduced to a whole new set of characters even though they were exactly the same.  

After years of searching and being in multiple fan groups, I have found diverse views about the show.  Sailor Moon Crystal, while a big hit in 2014, still took a big hit in terms of controversy.  Fans have debated if it is the best adaptation or worst because it is most true to the manga and has manga-like animation, but like I have stated before.  The fanbase is divided so we will never really know.  For me, I love Sailor Moon Crystal and I believe it to be an amazing adaptation of the original manga, but I will always love the original Japanese sub for its completeness back in the 90’s and the American dub for its pure nostalgia.  So for me, I would have to agree with the fans who say the original Japanese anime is the best one.  Only because it allowed for representation of lgbtq+, transgender, and kept the integrity of the characters. 

An all new me.

After falling into a big rut, I left this site. I stopped writing frequently and I had quite a hard time getting back into it. This Summer, I applied and got accepted as a Transfer student at Temple University as a Media Studies and Production major. It is exciting because after years of health issues that kept me from finishing my degree, I finally got the motivation and confidence to feel like I can finish even if I am 30 years old. So look out, because even if I don’t write everyday. I am hoping to write more. I took a look back on what I’ve written here and I want to continue. So I hope you will continue to take this journey with me.

Sun rises on another day, another chance at a future.

Goodnight and be safe.


Making a comeback

Long time no see.  I’ve been quiet.  Yes.  Alot has been going on.  Personal wise, health wise, etc.  So I’ve been focusing my energy on it.  However, I want to try and write more so I am going to try and do so, but for now I leave you with this small excerpt I have written about 2 minutes ago:


A burden placed upon thy

one those cannot see

Walking one’s path with a fake smile

Though in pain all the while

Wish and hope for a miracle one day

to be free of this evil to God you pray

Does he hear you?

Is he there?




Life through Pokemon…

Some people sit down and look through photos remembering times of their childhood.  I watch this Pokemon AMV created using various clips from commercials, games, and   anime to remember my own.

So In honor of Ultra Sun/Moon releasing this November, enjoy this AMV created by Nekokitkat25hug on Youtube.


I’ve played Pokemon since Red and Blue were released for Gameboy in the USA.   I really enjoy playing the games.  The Pokemon and stories keep me playing.


Take Care.

~Siren Cay

Imagination’s calling…

I have had this book idea for about 3 months or more and I struggle every day trying to expand on it. (One of the reasons I haven’t been blogging.  I’ve been writing elsewhere.).   Tonight, I was able to break through the stone walls of writers block and surf the rainbow of imagination.  I am only in pre-writing stages, but I plan to make it a short story.  So, with that in mind, you can help.  I am looking for first and last names that are french in origin. Comment your suggestions if you wish to help a fellow writer!  Au revoir!


About me..

If you have been following me, you will notice that I changed my site name from “The Invisible Child” to “Siren’s Call”.  Some may be wondering “why?”

First, it is important to know that I am struggling with alot in my life right now, which was the sole purpose for this blog.  Though I hoped their was someone out there who would read what I had to say, I just needed to write it.  

Second, I am a creative person so I deal with things better when I can write or work with my hands.  What does this have to do with the title change?  I’ll tell you. 

“The invisible child” represented only that dark side of me so I never felt like I was able to write anything else.  Though, I write better when I am wrought with pain, I do have other ideas and thoughts to share.  “Siren’s Call” will represent everything I need to say or want to say and the title is just as it says.  It is a call for a listener. I hope those who follow me will continue to and I hope those who are reading this for the first time will enjoy what they are in for.  Take care, everyone.  

Misleading Pinterest quotes

I found a quote on Pinterest.  It said:

“If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it.”


Yes.  This is supposed to be a an uplifting quote to help a person move forward in their life and succeed, but what if the subject is toxic?  What if the topic or issue that the person in question is pondering upon is detrimental to their mental or physical health?  Why should they work toward it?  This quote to me is misleading.

What are your thoughts?